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Wir dürfen die iranischen Demokraten nicht vergessen


Ein Alarmruf des amerikanischen Kritikers Danny Postel: In der Debatte um den Iran fällt die demokratische Opposition im Iran zwischen die Ritzen. Die Linke (nicht nur sie) ist in Gefahr, sich im Widerstand gegen Kriegspläne zu verschleissen und die reiche Szene von iranischen Liberalen zu ignorieren, die keinen Krieg wollen, aber auch das Regime im Iran bekämpfen. Ganzer Artikel hier:

What the neocons want in Tehran is a pro-U.S. and pro-Israeli regime; whether it’s a democratic one or not is an entirely secondary matter to them. And Iranian dissidents know this, which is why they want nothing to do with the neocons. Note that the funds the State Department earmarked last year for democracy promotion in Iran met with a resounding thud among dissidents, who see right through the neocons and their agenda.

This is not only a critique of the neocons, though; it’s also a challenge to those on the Left who have bought into the neocons’ Big Lie about being the bosom buddies of Iran’s dissidents. Due to intellectual laziness, a preference for moral simplicity, existential bad faith, or some combination thereof, lots of leftists have opted out of even expressing moral support, let alone standing in active solidarity with, Iranian dissidents, often on the specious grounds that the latter are on the CIA’s payroll or are cozy with the neocons. Utter and complete tripe. Perhaps, as I say, understandable in the past, when it wasn’t as transparent what empty hogwash the neocons’ posturing was. But now that the neocons’ real cards are on the table and their pretense of solidarity with Iranian dissidents has been shattered, the Left can no longer use the neocons as an avoidance mechanism.

Danny Postel hat ein Buch über die demokratische Linke in Iran geschrieben, mit dem schönen Titel: „Reading Legitimitaion Crisis in Teheran„.