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George Bush friert diplomatische Beziehungen mit Kongress ein


The ONION hat die beste Geschichte über Bushs Niederlage im Kongress und die Folgen:

WASHINGTON, DC—President Bush announced Monday that his administration will permanently sever ties with the democratically controlled United States Congress, ending a nearly 220-year-old alliance between the two governmental branches.

After six years of cordial relations between the executive and legislative branches of government, tensions flared up in January when Congress came under the control of „hostile new leadership.“ After a dramatic standoff last week over American policy in Iraq, the president openly denounced Congress, refused to accept calls from majority leaders, and returned Congress–approved legislation unsigned and unread.

In addition to his decision to cut off all communication, collaboration, and trade of ideas with the House and Senate, Bush also issued an executive order, effective immediately, removing all White House officials from the U.S. Capitol. Most prominent among those recalled was Vice President Dick Cheney, who also serves as the President of the Senate several days per year. Cabinet members who had been giving testimony before Congressional committees were quickly ushered to the roof of the Senate wing of the Capitol, where they boarded Marine One, the presidential helicopter, and were flown back to the White House.

Cheney, speaking from an undisclosed location, said the White House’s policy toward a Democratic Congress has always been regime change.

„These people acted as though they had control over domestic issues, and were threatening to affect international policy, as well,“ Cheney said. „It was clearly time to put a check on this antiquated, ineffective system of checks and balances.“

Bush also increased the presence of Secret Service personnel stationed at the checkpoints connecting the Capitol to the White House.

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  1.   iceman

    Same Old Blues Again.
    Das Gerangel zwischen Demokraten und Republikanern wird prompt ausgenutzt, siehe den Artikel „Ahmadinedschad stellt Forderungen“, in der faz.
    A. fordert, der Westen müsse seine eigenen Nuklearprogramme aussetzen, bevor es zu Verhandlungen kommen könne.
    Das erinnert an die Forderungen nach einer „atomwaffenfreien Zone“ im Nahen Osten.
    El Baradei meinte, der Iran wäre innerhalb der nächsten 6 bis 12 Monate fähig zur Anreicherung von Uran, und innerhalb von 5 Jahren zum Bau der Atombombe.


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