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Arabische Zeitung: Die Schuld der Hamas


Abdul lRahman Al-Rashed, der Hauptgeschäftsführer von Al-Arabiya TV, schreibt in der arabischen Tageszeitung Alsharq Alawsat folgendes Erstaunliche über die Schuld an der Krise. (Hintergrund: Hamas beschuldigt den ägyptischen Aussenminister Ahmed Aboul Gheit der Komplizenschaft mit den Israelis, weil er nicht laut genug gegen die Angriffe protestiert habe.)

The truth is that Hamas does not want to take responsibility for the crisis, as it has found that attacking Egypt is the best defence policy in the context of the ongoing battle that has lasted for months at the hands of the Syrian and Iranian allies against Egypt.


Therefore, we must blame Hamas because its goals are clear. It seeks a battle with Israel, and doesn’t care about the results even if it means Israel annihilates Gaza, and this is what its prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh said. Hamas wants a fight to put pressure on Arab countries to take action in its favour. It wants to appoint itself as a political power in spite of the Palestinian Authority based on the pretext of confronting the enemy and it doesn’t care how many Palestinians are killed in the process.

With the exception of the Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, everybody is standing behind Hamas that has starved 1.5 million Palestinians for months and has led them to destruction today. Stupidly, Hamas is launching rockets towards Israel and Israel is responding with bloody attacks so everybody is forced to remain silent about what Hamas has done so as not to be accused of siding with Israel.

Minister Aboul Gheit is facing the mob of Arabs alone and the political organisation wants to settle its accounts with the blood of Palestinians.

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  1. Israel doesnt need to worry this time. It did a good PR job of preparing the West that the situation in Sderot is unbearable. People from Sderot travelled around Europe and explained the living conditions under permanent Quassam fire. Therefore, even Europe will have more understanding for the military op than perhaps in Lebanon. However, Israel should rather pamper the Gazans than smoke than out. Only well fed people start to question their own leadership.

  2.   Chajm

    Nicht die einzige Stimme:
    „The MCC statement also condemned Hamas for treating the Palestinian people as human-bait in a ploy to provoke Israel into launching an all-out attack on Gaza. In censuring Hamas, the MCC said, the Islamist group had deliberately put the civilian population of Gaza in danger as it played the role of Iran’s agent provocateur in the region.”

  3.   Andreas

    Einen Überblick der Reaktion der arabischen Medien:


  4.   c.sydow

    Bei der Einordung von Rasheds Äußerungen sollte nicht außer Acht gelassen werden, dass sowhl al-Arabiya als auch Asharq al-Awsat Sprachrohre des saudischen Königshauses sind.

  5.   FreeSpeech

    Statt Raketen hätte Hamas auch Medizin schmuggeln können.

  6.   Joachim S.

    Geschmuggelt wird alles, was durch die Tunnels passt.

  7.   FreeSpeech

    und auch dann gilt:
    Statt Raketen hätte Hamas auch Medizin schmuggeln können.

  8. […] Chef der großen arabischen Fernsehstation Al-Arabiya, Abdul lRahman Al-Rashed, beschuldigt die Hamas, die Hauptschuld am Kriegsausbruch zu tragen: […]

  9.   tati

    Bescheuerter geht´s nicht mehr

    Uri Avnery in der taz.

    Israel = Hamas hoch zehn



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