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Israels Friedens-Flotillen-Desaster


Ich könnte es nicht besser beschreiben als Gideon Lévy in Ha’aretz. In den letzen Tagen hat die israelische Propaganda in erfrischendem Zynismus kundgetan, was sie von den Menschen in Gaza hält. Es wurden Broschüren verteilt, in denen die exzellenten Menus von Restaurants in Gaza aufgezählt wurden – „besonders zu empfehlen: Boeuf Stroganoff“. Die vermeintlich israelfreundlichen Blogger hierzulande reproduzierten diesen fiesen Mist auch noch und suggerierten, es geben überhaupt keine humanitäre Krise in Gaza. Ein Israel, das auf dieses Niveau herabsteigt, ist eine Schande (gerade im Licht der zionistischen Ideale).

Und nun auch noch eine Schießerei mit mindestens 10 Toten in internationalen Gewässern! Israel ist dabei, sich moralisch zu diskreditieren, selbst bei denen, die für sein Recht auf Selbstverteidigung eintreten.

Gideon Lévy schreibt:

„The chorus has been singing songs of falsehood and lies. We are all in the chorus saying there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. We are all part of the chorus claiming the occupation of Gaza has ended, and that the flotilla is a violent attack on Israeli sovereignty – the cement is for building bunkers and the convoy is being funded by the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood. The Israeli siege of Gaza will topple Hamas and free Gilad Shalit. Foreign Ministry spokesman Yossi Levy, one of the most ridiculous of the propagandists, outdid himself when he unblinkingly proclaimed that the aid convoy headed toward Gaza was a violation of international law. Right. Exactly.

It’s not the siege that is illegal, but rather the flotilla. It wasn’t enough to distribute menus from Gaza restaurants through the Prime Minister’s Office, (including the highly recommended beef Stroganoff and cream of spinach soup ) and flaunt the quantities of fuel that the Israeli army spokesman says Israel is shipping in. The propaganda operation has tried to sell us and the world the idea that the occupation of Gaza is over, but in any case, Israel has legal authority to bar humanitarian aid. All one pack of lies.

Only one voice spoiled the illusory celebration a little: an Amnesty International report on the situation in Gaza. Four out of five Gaza residents need humanitarian assistance. Hundreds are waiting to the point of embarrassment to be allowed out for medical treatment, and 28 already have died. This is despite all the Israeli army spokesman’s briefings on the absence of a siege and the presence of assistance, but who cares?

And the preparations for the operation are also reminiscent of a particularly amusing farce: the feverish debate among the septet of ministers; the deployment of the Masada unit, the prison service’s commando unit that specializes in penetrating prison cells; naval commando fighters with backup from the special police anti-terror unit and the army’s Oketz canine unit; a special detention facility set up at the Ashdod port; and the electronic shield that was supposed to block broadcast of the ship’s capture and the detention of those on board.

And all of this in the face of what? A few hundred international activists, mostly people of conscience whose reputation Israeli propaganda has sought to besmirch. They are really mostly people who care, which is their right and obligation, even if the siege doesn’t concern us at all. Yes, this flotilla is indeed a political provocation, and what is protest action if not political provocation?

Again we will be portrayed not only as the ones that have blocked assistance, but also as fools who do everything to even further undermine our own standing. If that was one of the goals of the peace flotilla’s organizers, they won big yesterday.“