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Amerika braucht einen dritten Krieg


Neben den Arenen Afghanistan und Irak braucht Amerika nach Meinung des Neocon-Vordenkers William Kristol endlich einen neuen Krieg – mit Iran.

Eigentlich war dies schon gleich nach der Invasion des Irak das nächste Projekt. Aber dann lief die Sache bekanntlich nicht so rund, und George W. Bush hatte keine Lust auf eine dritte Front.

Kristol aber gibt nicht auf und trommelt auch nach dem Machtwechsel weiter. (Auch andere seiner Kollegen aus den Neocon-Kreisen können es nicht lassen.) Ein Krieg gegen Iran wird gar nicht so schlimm, schreibt er im „Weekly Standard“:

„Would it be so dangerous? That is a debate the country needs to have, publicly and frankly, before it’s too late.

Critics of military action against Iran argue that it would open up a third front for American forces in the Middle East. Our troops would be at risk from Iranian missiles. Iran would block the Strait of Hormuz (causing oil prices to skyrocket) and use its terrorist proxies Hamas and Hezbollah to carry out attacks well beyond the Middle East, including perhaps on the U.S. homeland.

Yet if we carried out a targeted campaign against Iran’s nuclear facilities, against sites used to train and equip militants killing American soldiers, and against certain targeted terror-supporting and nuclear-enabling regime elements, the effects are just as likely to be limited.

It’s unclear, for example, that Iran would want to risk broadening the conflict and creating the prospect of regime decapitation. Iran’s rulers have shown that their preeminent concern is maintaining their grip on power. If U.S. military action is narrowly targeted, and declared to be such, why would Iran’s leaders, already under pressure at home, want to escalate the conflict, as even one missile attack on a U.S. facility or ally or a blockade of the Strait would obviously do?

Some in Washington seem resigned to letting Israel take action. But a U.S. failure to act in response to what is perhaps the greatest threat to American interests in decades would be irresponsible. Israel, moreover, lacks our full capabilities to do the job.

Despite our global commitments and our engagement in two ongoing wars, the U.S. military is fully able to carry out such a mission. Indeed, the success of President Bush’s 2007 surge of forces into Iraq and of President Obama’s sending additional resources to Afghanistan means we are on better footing to deal with Iran’s nuclear program than we were a few years ago.“

Mir scheint, he’s lost his marbles ( a long time ago).