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Wikileaks – nie davon gehört!


Ha’aretz genießt die Tatsache, dass die Bevölkerung Saudi-Arabiens nie erfahren wird, wie sehr der König sich wünscht, dass jemand – die Amerikaner oder die Israelis – „der Schlange den Kopf abschlagen“ möge. (Was heißt eigentlich „bomb, bomb, bomb Iran“ auf arabisch?)

„His Royal Highness begins course of physiotherapy,“ screamed a hard-hitting Saudi newspaper from its front page on Monday, the day WikiLeaks grabbed world attention with a huge dump of classified files. And not without good cause: WikiLeaks may have slipped a firecracker under the seat of the U.S. government but King Abdullah had, after all, slipped a disc.

Doubtless, too, the editor knew what he was doing when he gave second place to the diplomatic dialogue between Egypt and Tehran. But when the nation’s foremost paper has no place on its pages for a story that has not only captivated the world but has Saudi Arabia at its center, something is awry. Editorial error, perhaps? But take a look at the Saudi-owned al-Hayat. Here, too, little sign of WikiLeaks. A couple of short paragraphs fail to mention what is perhaps the central revelation, that Saudi Arabia asked America to bomb Iran.