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Nachtrag: Bordell für Frauen


Vor einiger Zeit haben wir doch das Thema „Würden Frauen in ein Bordell gehen?“ durchgenommen. Die „New York Times“ hat sich jetzt noch einmal intensiver mit diesem Thema beschäftigt.

Und das hier sind genau die Punkte, die ich damals meinte:

But some researchers say it takes more than feeling safe for women to shop for sex. Amalia Cabezas, an assistant professor of women’s studies at the University of California, Riverside, who has studied sex tourism in the Caribbean, said that female tourists interested in sex tend to shy away from straightforward cash-for-sex transactions.

INSTEAD, she said, they look for a holiday romance, for a companion who not only provides sex but affection, who will wine and dine them. If the woman is footing the bill and the man is a hustler, that fact is obscured by the ambiguous nature of their alliance.

„It doesn’t normally come off as a commercial transaction,“ Ms. Cabezas said. „It’s more about friendship and developing relationships, so there’s multiple possibilities for these relationships. Women don’t want to see themselves as prostitute-users.“

Mr. Kinkaid said that a brothel for women would need to incorporate an element of seduction to draw customers. „Women wouldn’t feel an immediate connection with the men they’ll be hiring,“ he said. „They want someone who’s charming and attentive. It would require significantly more time.“

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