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Der große Massenvernichtungswaffen-Bluff


Maureen Dowd, eine Wiedergeburt der legendären Journalistin Hildy Johnson aus meinem Lieblingsfilm „His Girl Friday“, hat auf unnachahmbar ätzende Weise in der New York Times George W. Bushs Farewell-Tour durch Europa kommentiert. Hier ist ihr Kommentar zu seinem Besuch bei Gordon Brown:

Asked by The Observer reporter about W.M.D. in Iraq, W. replied: “Still looking for them,” sparking a strange moment of levity. Mr. Bush continued: “We didn’t realize, nor did anybody else, that Saddam Hussein felt like he needed to play like he had weapons of mass destruction. It may have been, however, that in his mind all this was just a bluff.”

Yeah, who could have ever guessed that a wily, deceitful and debilitated Arab dictator might huff and puff, not wanting rivals in the neighborhood to know the weapons cupboard was bare? Maybe some of those psychologists specializing in boastful, malignant narcissists and Middle East cultural experts working in our $40 billion-a-year intelligence units should have been able to figure it out?

Ist was dran.

Maureen Dowd

Und dies hier ist Rosalind Russell als Hildy Johnson: