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Schwulenbewegung trauert um George Bush


Aus „The Onion“:

„While I tried to be commander in chief first and a homosexual man second, I knew that everything I did would be judged through the lens of ‚America’s first gay president,'“ Bush said during an interview with ABC’s Charles Gibson broadcast Dec. 1. „Looking back, my personal need to prove my manhood definitely influenced my actions. The arrogant swagger, invading Iraq, my ruthless support of the death penalty—heck, even setting back gay rights 25 years—all of it seems so silly now.“

Former press secretary Ari Fleischer agreed, saying that Bush carefully cultivated his image as a masculine, simple-minded, heterosexual male in order to combat his insecurities about appearing weak before the international community.

„Believe me, sister, he overcompensated with a capital ‚compensated,'“ Fleischer said. „But when the cameras stopped rolling and the podium was put away, he was just fabulous. We had a fabulous, fabulous time.“


Und damit „Frohes Fest“ allerseits!


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