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Obama und Netanjahu – zwei Realisten


Der kluge Shmuel Rosner prophezeit in der New Republic, dass Netanjahu und Obama sich im Kern viel besser verstehen werden, als sie offiziell zugeben können:

Some pretence and masquerading is necessary for both Obama and Netanyahu as they present their agenda and ponder in public the outcome of their meeting. But more than the two of them care to admit, they have surprisingly similar expectations and needs. In essence, they come to the meeting as realists pretending to be something else–Netanyahu the peace-skeptic, Obama the peace-maker.

They both know the „big“ truths: Peace with the Palestinians isn’t in the cards any time soon. Peace with Syria seems less likely than both Israel and the U.S. were hoping. (Obama sent his emissaries to Damascus twice in recent weeks, and twice they came back empty handed–resulting in an almost immediate renewal of sanctions and a public reprimand of the Syrian regime for not making enough of an effort to stop the smuggling of terrorists to Iraq.) Both know that Iran is a problem that needs be dealt with in the near future–and Obama knows as much as Netanyahu that this is not „Israel’s problem“ but a problem about which Arab leaders are wringing their hands behind closed doors.

But both leaders have their roles to play. Netanyahu needs to maintain the perception that he is hard-nosed enough to risk an attack on Iran’s nuclear-related installations, while Obama needs to back his attempt at „engagement“ by showing some willingness to squeeze the Israeli government. Beneath these performances, however, the outlook of these two leaders is much more alike than commonly thought. The meeting between them will be a delicate dance of the inner realist in both: In the updated version of Netanyahu, Obama will find a leader that’s looking for practical solutions for the overwhelming problems he has to deal with. In the post-election version of Obama, Netanyahu will find the leader who still carries the slogan of „change,“ but at least in the international arena is quite far from being the wide-eyed naif that some people had hoped he will be. The tension surely has the potential to explode. But for the time being, it is a dance. And for every couple, as important as this first dance might be, the important question is whether this will be followed by a second dance.

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  1.   PBUH

    >They both know the “big” truths: Peace with the Palestinians isn’t in the cards any time soon. Peace with Syria seems less likely than both Israel and the U.S. were hoping.

    Wann sprechen sich diese Wahrheiten auch in Deutschland rum ?

  2.   Samuel

    Natürlich werden sich Obama und Netanjahu irgendwann verstehen. Jeder der das Missvergnügen hat, mit Palis zu verhandeln, mag irgendwann die Israelis.

  3.   Joachim S.

    Mal ’ne dumme Frage, Herr Lau:

    Warum pushen Sie das Nahost-Thema neuerdings so?
    Es sieht nicht so aus, als ob diese Frage in den nächsten 10 Jahren lösbar wäre.

    Stattdessen sind Ihnen die Wahlen in Indien und in Indonesien keine klitzekleine Meldung wert.

    Ich halte das für eine falsche Prioritätensetzung.

  4.   xNWO

    Wahlen in Indien und in Indonesien

    Sie suchen Unterhaltung? Meinen Sie, die zu Thema gemacht, wären die Diskussionsbeiträge hier weniger vorhersagbar? 😉


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